Truly small batch, hand crafted Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, and Coffee Liqueurs.

Welcome to Spirits Of The Wasatch

At Spirits of the Wasatch, we think of ourselves as more than just a distillery; we are purveyors of innovation, creators of exceptional spirits, and champions of the local community. Our commitment to crafting extraordinary libations while supporting the natural beauty and resources of the Wasatch Mountain region is at the heart of everything we do.  Here, the art of spirit-making meets the allure of local flavors. Nestled in the heart of the stunning Wasatch Mountains, our distillery aims to harness the pristine waters, local grains, and native botanicals that this majestic landscape provides.


Business Philosophy, Purpose, Focus

Locally Focused

We go the extra mile to ensure none of our ingredients have to go an extra mile. From using regional grains from local mills and malt houses, to sourcing locally roasted coffee, to working with local botanists to find native and locally grown botanicals. Our products embody the region we call home.

Commitment to Quality

We will never cut corners and are endlessly seeking to produce the best quality products for our customers. We are meticulous in our processes and testing all our raw ingredients to ensure you receive an exceptional spirit.

Innovation and Exploration

We're constantly learning and developing our craft to combine the traditional methods perfected over centuries with innovative new approaches and recipes. We hope to push our boundaries in creating exciting new libations or reviving unusual sprits from the past.


Our goal is always to provide an exceptional experience for our customers, we see our patrons as integral partners in our journey, inviting them to savor not just our spirits but also the immersive process of creating them. Join us in celebrating a community-driven experience of collaberation.

About Us

Where Tradition Meets Trailblazing Craftsmanship

Spirits of the Wasatch is a local small batch distillery nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City, driven by a passion for crafting superior spirits that embody the essence of the region. With a commitment to sourcing high-quality local ingredients whenever possible, the distillery embraces the rich bounty of the Wasatch Mountains and surrounding areas, infusing their creations with a distinct sense of place.

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What We Do

Bespoke Spirits, Handcrafted with Passion

Innovation flows through the very essence of our spirits. Our distillers combine traditional techniques with cutting-edge methods, constantly pushing the boundaries of what truly small-batch spirits can be. We take pride in developing unique and distinctive products that excite the palate and challenge the norm. Expect the unexpected when you savor our handcrafted beverages like our High Desert Gins, our Perky Cowgirl Coffee Liqueur, and our grain-to-glass Bourbons.

Our Expertise

Bringing The Spirit of Life

Craft Distillation Mastery

Elevating Spirits with Precision and Passion

Botanical Alchemy Expertise

Harmonising Nature's Bounty for Distinctive Flavour Profiles

Grain-to-Glass Artistry

Meticulous Care from Sourcing to Sipping

Barrel Aging Prowess

Transforming Spirits with Time-Tested Elegance

Innovative Blending Skill

Pushing Boundaries for Unforgettable Tasting Experiences

Local Sourcing Excellence

Capturing the Essence of the Wasatch Region in Every Bottle

Our Products

Hand Crafted True Sensation

Crafted with precision, our gin captures the untamed beauty of the Utah high-mountain desert, offering a harmonious balance of sage, white pepper, rosemary, and other botanicals. Whether enjoyed in a Martini or G&T, it promises a lively and approachable craft spirit.

In our Summit Bourbon collection, experience the majesty of Lone Peak with our Single Barrel Bourbon, a full-bodied blend of distinctive mash bill notes including caramel, vanilla, and toasted marshmallow. Pay tribute to Mt. Pfeifferhorn with our Amburana Finished Bourbon.

A captivating blend of locally sourced Millcreek Coffee Roaster’s beans, this liqueur pays tribute to spirited cowgirls. Enjoy its rich, espresso-forward flavour in tiramisu, on ice cream, in hot chocolate, or any cocktail that craves a sweet, espresso twist.

Celebrating simplicity and versatility, this well-crafted spirit embodies purity and smoothness, offering a clean canvas for mixology creativity. Beyond its exceptional quality, Hidden Vodka supports the noble cause of ending human trafficking, with a portion of proceeds dedicated to charities aiding survivors globally.

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