About Us

About Us

Where Tradition Meets Trailblazing Craftsmanship

Spirits of the Wasatch is a local small batch distillery nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City, driven by a passion for crafting superior spirits that embody the essence of the region. With a commitment to sourcing high-quality local ingredients whenever possible, the distillery embraces the rich bounty of the Wasatch Mountains and surrounding areas, infusing their creations with a distinct sense of place.

At Spirits of the Wasatch, innovation and experimentation are at the core of our craft. We continuously push the boundaries of traditional spirits, exploring new techniques and flavor profiles to deliver a truly exceptional drinking experience. Whether it’s our meticulously crafted whiskey, clean and pure vodka, handpicked botanical gin, or unique specialty liqueurs, each product is a testament to the dedication to quality and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Embracing the spirit of the Wasatch Mountains, this distillery captures the pristine beauty and rugged charm of the region, imparting it into every bottle. We honor the heritage and natural resources of Salt Lake City by sourcing local grains, botanicals, and fruits, resulting in spirits that reflect the terroir and character of our surroundings.

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Our Vision

Create exceptional spirits that embody the essence of the Wasatch region while fostering community and environmental stewardship.

Our Mission

To be recognised as a pioneering distillery, celebrated for innovation, quality, and a commitment to the natural beauty of the Wasatch Mountains.

Our Goals

Elevate the spirits industry through continuous innovation, community engagement, and sustainable practices, ensuring a lasting legacy of exceptional craftsmanship.

Our Team

Meet The Crew

Brent Pounds

Owner/Lead Distiller

Brent grew up in Colorado before joining the nation’s smallest uniformed service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Corp of Commissioned Officers. He spent over a decade working as a hydrographer making nautical charts in the remotest parts of Alaska and in the busy harbor of New York and New Jersey. He’s long had a passion for bourbon and other distilled spirits and is eager to bring a sense of adventure and experimentation to the traditional art of distilling.  Brent’s favorite offering from Spirits of the Wasatch is the Barrel Rested Gin, it’s particularly good in what has become his signature cocktail, the Boozy Bacon.

Jennica Pounds


Jennica is a senior software engineer that has worked primarily in the field of big data but is now working in Machine Learning for a major AI company. Luckily, in her spare time she will be handling all the distillery’s technical issues.  Jennica loves all alcohol and picking her favorite Spirits of the Wasatch product would be like picking her favorite child and she likes any cocktail that Brent’s making.

Jacob Ashman

Assistant Distiller

Assistant Distiller. Originally from Indiana, Jacob has taken on the distilling industry with passion and enthusiasm. Jacob has been especially excited to apply the management skills that he learned from the food service industry in this new career. Of the drinks that are made at Spirits of the Wasatch, Jacob’s favorite is the High Desert Gin. He is really excited to join Brent in experimenting with new kinds of Gins.

Bourbon (the Cat)

Chief Feline Officer (CFO) 

Bourbon is our official distillery cat and is in charge of managing all things cat related at the distillery, like scratching furniture, laying in the sun, and getting belly rubs.  When informed that traditionally distillery cats are expected to keep on top of rodent issues, he left a pest control company’s card on the desk as he prefers to work from home most of the time.  His favorite offering at Spirits of the Wasatch is our deionized water, as he doesn’t drink, but he does appreciate the honor of having an entire category of whiskey named after him.

The Wasatch Sasquatch

Master Distiller/Marketing

With his towering stature and majestic presence, the Wasatch Sasquatch is a beloved and revered figure in the local folklore; little did we know that this enigmatic creature had a profound affinity for spirits and distillation. No one has gotten a good look at him, but we often see him out of the corner of our eye testing the mash or adjusting the still or tasting a sample from one of our barrels. While he’s not the most reliable employee, he just shows up when he wants to and eats things out of the break room fridge, he is obviously dedicated to the art of making exceptional spirits. If you visit, maybe you’ll get a glimpse of our most elusive employee. He could not be reached for comment on what his favorite product was, but he seems to prefer barrel proof bourbon.

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